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Review: Intercepting the Chef by Rachel GoodmanIntercepting the Chef by Rachel Goodman
Series: How to Score #1
Series Rating: four-stars
Published by Pocket Books on May 2nd 2017
Pages: 315
Format: eARC
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Sports
Source: NetGalley
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Content Warning: This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age.

“Smart, sexy, and funny” (Publishers Weekly) contemporary romance writer Rachel Goodman is back with a brand new series about a quarterback trying to score in the most important game of his life—the game of love.

Gwen Lalonde is a rising star in the eyes of the elite restaurateurs of the world. But when her celebrity chef boss and now ex-boyfriend fires her, she finds herself playing a different game. Forced to flee San Francisco and return home to Denver, Gwen lands a spot as the executive chef at Stonestreet’s, a new restaurant owned by NFL golden boy and Colorado Blizzards quarterback Logan Stonestreet. When Logan starts pursuing Gwen romantically, she pulls a classic duck and weave and avoids any advances by throwing herself into reestablishing her reputation in Denver.

But Logan Stonestreet is persistent—he didn’t become one of the best football players in the league by throwing in the towel at the first rejection. Something about Logan’s unwavering determination—and amazing body—keeps Gwen around, and soon there’s more that’s sizzling than just the steak on the grill. Things are getting more serious than either side cares to admit, and when Logan suffers a severe injury in the playoffs, they’re both forced to make game-time decisions. The perfect romance for football fans and foodies alike, Intercepting the Chef is a delicious read that’ll have you hooked until the very last play.

Intercepting the Chef was such a fun and entertaining read. I love sports romances. And I love food, so this book was the perfect combination. What I loved about this book is that there was a lot of football AND cooking it. The main characters didn’t just have those jobs, we got to see them in action. If you don’t love football or find it boring, you probably won’t like this book.

I had a hard time really connecting with Gwen. She felt a bit standoffish. But she does address this towards the end and I ended up liking her more for it Logan was wonderful and I liked him right from the start. The plot was fun, the pacing was on point, and the secondary characters were all well developed and enjoyable.

I can’t wait to read more from Goodman. This is the third book of hers I have read and they have all been sold 4-star books for me. Keep em coming, Rachel!

Now here’s an excerpt from the publisher…

I took a long pull of the Cabernet, then braced a hand against the cold marble next to her shoulder, transfixed at how her pupils dilated, swallowing the band of brown. I leaned in farther, my mouth a fraction away from her ear. “But I’ve always wanted to know, black or something unexpected?”
She jerked away, bumping her elbow on the counter and rocking the stool. “What?”
I shrugged, despite the current of energy buzzing through me. “Your bikini. Would you sport black like everything else in your closet or a shade a little more interesting?”
Gwen stood, erasing what little space there was between us. Her unwavering gaze stayed locked on mine. “The only time I don’t wear black, Wonder Bread,” she said, splaying her fingers against my chest, the heat of her palm soaking straight through my T-shirt, “is when I don’t wear anything at all.” She winked, then sidestepped out of my reach, leaving my head spinning in her wake.
First points on the scoreboard awarded to Gwen Lalonde.
But there was still a lot of time left in the game.
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