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Lauren Helms

536 posts

Obsessive Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief -- I am truly an Obsessive Book Nerd! You'll always find me absorbed in a book and always eagerly enthusiastic to share great books to read. It's no secret how ecstatic I am about raising two mini book nerds. There are so many books in our house, we could run a small library!

Alex Lyster

92 posts

Sr. Obsessive Contributor -- It's hard to find me without my head in a book. I mean, what's better than reading about a fantasy world full of magic and monsters, right? Always up for suggestions for a good book just as ready as I am to suggest one.

Guest Post

83 posts

The Guest Poster is a collection of posts from past OBN contributors and guest posters. Check out this archive for posts from Katlyn Slack, Tiny, Sam Nelson, Andrew Slack, and Colin King!

Matt Hurt

68 posts

Obsessive Co-founder and Contributor -- Matt's obsession with media led him to create in 2013. Between watching movies/TV and podcasting with his friends at The Obsessive Viewer, Matt loves to read. He has a penchant for the work of Stephen King, assorted science fiction and the occasional historical nonfiction.

Keri Honea

23 posts

Obsessive Contributor - When I'm not playing video games or writing, I'm reading. It could be fantasy, could be a comic book, could be video game-related. Lately I've gotten into Warhammer 40K novels. May the God Emperor help us all.

Jen Bosier

9 posts

Obsessive Contributor -- Avid reader. Daedric artifact collector. Rolls true neutral. I like sappy western romances, horror and Warhammer 40k. I'm not sure what that says about me, personally.

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