Review: Who Needs Air by Cassie GrahamWho Needs Air by Cassie Graham
Published by Author Published on April 27th 2017
Pages: 268
Format: eBook
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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Content Warning: This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age.

They fell in love at thirteen.
He wrote a book about it at twenty.
She watched him walk away at twenty-three.
And he made the New York Times Best Sellers list at twenty-four.

Campbell ‘Cam’ Potter stood idly by as August Wyatt took over the world one word at a time. Chapter by chapter, people fell in love with the story he created – the events she lived. And now the book was being made into a movie, it was only a matter of time before August was back in their small hometown in Georgia.

The problem was, when August left five years ago, Cam made a promise to herself. The ending in his book would be the conclusion to their story. There was no sequel, no second chance, no possibility of ever seeing him again. He obliterated her heart and she was determined to never let it happen again.

That is, until Cam gets a late night text from the heartbreaker himself.
New chapters are written, fresh storylines are explored and Cam and August find a familiarity in one another.

Who Needs Air was such a wonderfully written, heartbreaking beautiful love story. My heart is still all jammed packed with feels. This is the first book of Graham’s I’ve read. Fortunately for her, she’s got a reader for life. Unfortunately for me, my bank account is gonna suffer.

I want to take a moment and mention that this book kinda breaks your heart a little as you read it. I enjoyed the main characters, Bella and August. While the prologue is written from August’s POV, we get the rest of the story from Bella’s. I loved Bella, she was a strong, sassy southern woman but had one downfall, her love for August. My heart broke when her heart broke. And let me tell you, it broke a lot. And damn that August for being the one to cause all the breaking. But I still loved him. I loved his love for Bella.

The supporting cast was excellent as well. I never felt that the plot was crawling along or speeding through the story. Just about everything about this book was perfect, in my eyes. I wouldn’t change a thing. I also want to mention that the chapter headings were hilarious. They kept me smiling even when the beautiful words I was reading were wreaking havoc on my heart.

Read this book, folks. It’s good. Like really good.

About Cassie Graham

A Moscato aficionado, and chocolate mistress, Cassie Graham is a born and raised Arizona girl. Her sass knows no bounds and almost always has something kind to say, no matter the situation. She runs a platform of love and strives to bring those attributes out in every book she writes.

Cassie studied English and literature in college and has an intense love for fairytales. Go figure. Though she loves a good fairytale, she promises to always put her characters through the wringer for that happy ending. She started writing early in her high school career after an English teacher forced her to write in a journal. Four years and thirty-something notebooks full of words later, she found her passion.

Being a hopeless romantic, she found her love for romance after she fell in love at eighteen. Stories became a lot easier to write after she found her soulmate. Love exists and she's blessed enough to live it every day.

If Cassie isn't shoulder-deep in writing a version of a fairytale, you can find her front porch sitting with her husband and daughter, eating all the bread, gossiping with her best friends, visiting Disneyland, supporting strong women, listening to cheesy music and reading great books by amazing people. She loves binge watching Supernatural, drooling over Dean, Sam and Cas, and going to conventions. She also enjoys spreading love any chance she can. So, if you run into her, give her a hug or a high-five. She guarantees they're magic.


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